Davido Speaks Love With His New Single – “Flora My Flawa” Davido Speaks Love With His New Single – “Flora My Flawa”
We consider Davido's new single, "Flora My Flawa", released on 12th February 2018, as his valentine gift to his fans. The song tells a... Davido Speaks Love With His New Single – “Flora My Flawa”

We consider Davido’s new single, “Flora My Flawa”, released on 12th February 2018, as his valentine gift to his fans. The song tells a love story which one of his fans, Debel Ajiboye, wrote a beautiful piece about;

For non Nigerians that do not understand this video or the song. The song shows two generations playing the same role. The young ladies you are seeing at the beginning of the video from 0:04 to 0:46 and those at the end from 2:28 to 4:47 played the same role. The ones at the beginning played the role of the younger version of David’s girl friend (Flora) and two of her jealous friends while the ones at the end played the role of the older version ( 30 years later). David was also disguised to look older from 2:22.

Story: The two ladies beside David’s girl friend (Flora) are playing the role of jealous girl friends. They want to know everything going on in their relationship, meanwhile they are giving Flora bad advice. They wish they are the ones dating the famous David but because they cant get him their aim and mission was to brake up their relationship by creating confusion in Flora’s head and make her doubt the love David has for her. They tried for many years but the more they tried the more they loved each other.

Moral of the story: (1.) Ladies, surround yourselves with good friends. (2.) Not all advice given to you by friends should be digested, some advice are meant to destroy you or pull you down while they take your position. (3.) Analyse everything you are told well before you act. (4.) Communicate more with your man than with friends.

Below are translations to Yoruba, pidgin and Igbo sentences and words used in the song:

Scene One: Flora and her friends

0:27 : O so be, o de gbo? = He said so? And u head him saying that? ( The friend asking Flora if David really said he loves her)

0:31 : For your mind, he loves you abi? = This means you actually thinks he loves you right? For your mind in pidgin means telling someone what he/she is thinking is only happening in their head and not in real life.

0:35 : You dey deceive yourself shey you know? = You are actually deceiving yourself you know right?

Scene Two: Young Davido on stage with live band

0:47 : Oruko mi ni Mc Gene Gene, le gbe min bi – Solo Tee a.k.a Congo master. Gbogbo eyin te wa wo wa a ki yin oo, e o ti ri n kon kon, gbo gbo eyi te nri tele tele rehearsal ni = My name is Mc géné géné, beside me is – Solo Tee alias Congo master. We greet you all. You haven’t seen anything yet , all the hits we have been giving you before were just rehearsals.

1:04 : Owo baba Imade = This is one of David’s aliases, it means ” The super rich Dad of Imadé“. “Imadé” Is the name of his first daughter with Sofi Momodu.

1:32 : Sele go dey wear shoe = “Sele” or “celestials” are white garment church goers. They are commonly known for going to church on Sundays bare footed. By saying Sele or Celestials will start to wear shoes he is making allusion to the wonders that will happen to his love with Flora.

1:45 : Awe elewa, mo rohun mu bo file mi = This is a very thick Yoruba adage that many will not understand, it means I came back home with a queen or a beauty ( Referring to him having the beautiful Flora as his woman ).

1:55 : Elebo, je elebolo mi o = The definition I can give to this sentence according to the role its playing in the song is this: David is telling the beautiful girl to come eat or taste from his apple. But in actual fact the meaning of “Elebo” means something completely different from the role it plays in the song which will take me a long paragraph to explain.. However, “Elebolo” in Yoruba old street terms means a prostitute, but some people use it today to qualify beautiful fair complexion looking ladies.

1:57 : If nothing last forever o , me and you go be nothing forever = If nothing last forever, both of us wont be together forever.

2:06 : Omalicha = “Omalicha” is a Igbo female name – It means ” The beautiful one”.

2:16 : Aka nchawa = “aka nchawa” is in Igbo language, it has a lot of meanings. It can mean breakthrough. It also means “works of your hands will be successful”. You can say “successful hands”. It can also mean “aka ngozi” which can literally be translated as “blessed hands”.

Scene Three – Old David on stage performing

2:31 : Jedi Jedi ko ni pa mi = This means Diabetes will not kill me “Jedi Jedi” in Yoruba language means diabetes. He meant her love ( Flora’s ) to him is too sweet that he fears to have Diabetes lol.

2:35 : For you matter, zero downgrade = When it comes to you (Referring to Flora) he will always cherish her, never to look down on her or misbehave.

2:40 : If I hammer, iwo rin sho = If I make it in life, you will be with me.

Here is the video;



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    Nice article with excellent journalism skills. Bravo!!!!


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