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Ikokore – Mouth Watering and Delicious Ikokore – Mouth Watering and Delicious
Ikokore, is a native food of the Ijebu-Ode people in Ogun State, from the Western Region of Nigeria. The English name of the food... Ikokore – Mouth Watering and Delicious

Ikokore, is a native food of the Ijebu-Ode people in Ogun State, from the Western Region of Nigeria. The English name of the food is water yam pottage. It is mouth watering and very delicious to taste. It is a special meal that if it is not on the menu at their party, then the ceremony is not complete. Just like an Ekiti man cannot joke with pounded yam, an Ijebu man is a lover of Ikokore. So, if you are dating an Ijebu guy, you must learn how to prepare the meal.


  1. Water Yam
  2. Salt
  3. Seasoning cubes
  4. Cray Fish (blended)
  5. Pepper (blended)
  6. Beef
  7. Chicken
  8. Goat meat
  9. Cow skin/tongue/tail
  10. Dry fish
  11. Locust beans
  12. Palm oil


  1. Cut water yam in smaller chunks, this makes it easier to grate.
  2. Grate water yam and put aside (be careful while grating because it is really slimy).
  3. Add salt and other seasoning to taste in the water yam (adding crayfish and pepper is optional at this stage) and set aside.
  4. Get a medium size pot and place on a cooker on medium heat. When it’s hot, add the palm oil, then the Locust Beans. Sauté the Locust Beans for a minute, then add the blended Pepper, then the seasoning Cubes and Salt to taste. If you’re using Stock, do not add salt as your stock is already seasoned.
  5. Leave to fry till oil floats to the top. This should take 10 minutes there about. Stir well to prevent burning.
  6. Add water or stock whichever is available and leave to boil. If you are using ordinary water, add seasonings to taste but if stock water, then no need.
  7. Add cow, goat, gizzard, fish, chicken and any other meat of choice. Leave to cook for 10 minutes.
  8. After 10 minutes, remove all the meat and fish from the stew, leaving just the stew in the pot.
  9. Turn the heat down to low, now scoop the grated yam into the stew, do this in both big and small lumps. The small lumps will dissolve in the stew, forming a mushy type consistency while the bigger lumps will create the lumpy Ikokore consistency. Do not stir. Leave the contents to boil for 8-10 minutes on low heat.
  10. Then you can stir a bit using a wooden spoon. If you feel the lumps are quite big, you can break it but do this carefully. Now, taste for salt and seasoning, adjust if necessary.
  11. Transfer the cooked meats and fish back into the pot, add the rest of the crayfish and combine gently, be careful when doing this so you don’t break the clumps.
  12. Leave to simmer for 3 – 5 minutes and it’s ready.
  13. Serve Ikokore on its own or with Cold Eba (Eba Tutu), the typical Ijebu way.


Note that, some people have health issues and as a result, do not like frying. So if you are one of such persons, instead of frying the palm oil you can as well boil so as to be on a safe side.

All you need do is add water in the pot add palm oil, leave to boil and continue the process.

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