Mothers’ Day; How To Surprise Your Mother

Mothers’ day is here again and you owe your mom that feeling and manifestation of appreciation. For this 2018 edition, you can give her a gift, make her a meal, help-out around the house, write her a note, or take her on a vacation or trip.

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When Your Partner Is A Workaholic

If you feel that your partner’s addiction to work is beginning to affect your relationship negatively, then you should speak to someone who is more experienced than you are or you can consult a help from a professional counselor.

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Things A Bride Should Never Say To Her Bridesmaids

A bride has certain things to consider when dealing with her bridesmaids and a bride should be careful in her choice of words that is why it is advisable for a bride to speak less and act less and let the event planner do all the talking and acting.

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5 Most Important Things New Naija Fathers Should Expect

When the pregnancy comes the mother does all the heavy lifting, nurturing the baby and carrying into till she delivers. But now, it’s time to share the joy of nurturing and caring for your son or daughter together with her.

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How To Approach A Lady

One of the easiest ways to approach a lady is to be bold and have confidence in yourself. The sort of outward confidence you need when approaching a lady is to walk tall. Stand up straight and have a manly gait about your walk.

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Things To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning is a pretty unique experience, and it comes with a variety of ups and downs. It’s an exciting and happy time, but it can also be stressful and time consuming.

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Reception – All the Basic Things You Need For Your Wedding Reception Check Lists

In as much as some now a day’s make use of committee of friends in order to share duties to different individuals and avoid some loop holes but the fact still remains that if not well planned there will still be hiccups on the preparation plans.

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Things An Event Planner Should Know

Event planning is a business with passion. One has to love it and be passionate about it so as to bring out the best out of it. Getting the right education is so important for getting into the event design industry.

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Big Brother Naija and The Society

Big brother Nigeria is a Nigeria Reality Show which is usually hosted in South Africa. The main purpose of the game is to bring people from different background, different works of life and with different ideas to live together.

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Relationship: Things Ladies Like To Hear In Order To Feel Special

As a man, you need to make your woman feel special and make her feel unique to you. She has to feel like you are only interested in her and nobody else. Sometimes, saying a few specific things can help see just how you truly feel.

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